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210, 10 Ave. NE, Calgary AB, T2E 0W9

Church office (403) 277-4085

Pastor Charlotte Berg  (403) 719-3832

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Guest speaker January 23 - Margaret Propp

Rev. Margaret Propp will be talking about her faith jurney as well as her work with students in the university setting. Working in a seculer institution from a faith perspective can be a chllenge, but is also filled with much jpoy as proclamation of the Gospel does not often happen in teh form of words, but rather through service.

Margaret was baptized, confirmed and ordained at Sharon Lutheran Church. Currently she is working at the U of C and MRC (Mount royal as the Lutheran Chaplain.

The movie of the month - Thursday Feb 09 @ 7.00PM

When Alan Bennett offered the temporary use of his drive to a homeless woman in the 1970s, she parked her battered van outside his front door and stayed for 15 years.

Surhs Højskole, Copenhagen - a Gastronomic School

 If you are interested in lerning about food this might be of interest for you. It is written in danish so if you need a translation please contact me at karsten@dalberg.ca

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